"Don't buy upgrades; ride up grades."

-Eddy Merckx


No greasy fingers!!!  

Save the white bar tape!

upgrade your lube

Happy New Year from the Broken Spoke!

I don't know about all of you but I'm already tired of this cold wet weather! Not only is it cold and uncomfortable, but it does a number to your drive train!

Remember oil + water + + dirt = tar!

This tar will build up on your drive train robbing you of north of 10 watts!!! I don't know about you but 10 watts to me are precious.

The Broken Spoke has the solution! Paraffin! We can treat your drive train with a coat of Paraffin. Paraffin has a lower coefficient of friction than traditional petroleum based lubes. Dirt, sand and water falls right off the chain and drive train components! Thats right! No more greasy chains to dirty your kit, or greasy hands when you're on the side of the road addressing a flat.

Velonews and Friction facts did a study of different lubricants and power loss and the results were stunning! See if you can find your brand lube on the graph.

The treatment cost $19.99 additional to a full tune up or $39.99 for the treatment itself. "Why the additional 20 bucks for the service by itself" you ask? All components in the drive train need to be removed, ultrasonicly cleaned at 50c to remove all petroleum. Only then will the Paraffin stick to the components. The Paraffin is then applied at a heat of 30c. This cleaning process of the drive train is standard in our full service tuneups.

Another common question I get "when the chain dries do I clean it and relube it?" This is a very good question with several key components to the answer. Technically the "lube" doesn't dry, the coating will flake off overtime, and you should never apply a petroleum based lube to a Paraffin treated drive train. That is why we provide you with a 2oz bottle of "touch up". 1 drop per link every 500 miles and you will be running smooth. There is no need to pre clean the drive train with solvents. Traditionally solvents are used to break up the "tar" to give you a clean surface for a reapply of lube. If there is no tar, theres no need to bring out the solvents. Beautiful right?

Paraffin is suitable for all riding conditions

wet or dry.

Give us a call today or send us an email to schedule an appointment. We'll return those 10 watts that belong to you!

2oz Touch up included with every upgrade.

Stay running smooth and dirt free!